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All Things Art  2015


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Some of my students surprised me at the opening reception for the Oceanside Museum of Art’s “San Diego Dreaming” Show, (which was a follow up from the California Dreaming show), with a lovely bouquet of “orange” flowers. How very sweet!
My acrylic painting “Mirage” is 36x36” and was painted from a photo I took in Borrego Springs while I was painting for the Borrego Art Institute’s Plein Air Invitational. I wanted to capture the  shift of light creating the moodiness to the scene , and chose it especially , because of the location.  My goal was to create a dialogue with the viewer that silently asked the question, which is the real  “mirage” here?  a state with endless resources,  including Hollywood and Disneyland for which it is famous, or the  beautiful, mysterious, yet nonetheless, “dry desert” .