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Introducing My DVD

  “Pastel Painting”
  with Lyndelle

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You'll be invited into Lyndelle's studio where she shares insights with you about materials,from brands of pastels to supports. Watch her prepare  and work on a textured surface, creating an exciting landscape before your eyes, step by step from start to finish.  You'll enjoy listening to Lyndelle talk as she shares  her thought process, offering plenty of helpful tips  and suggestions.

" I loved her DVD! It was full of information and I learned so much. She's a wonderful teacher." Barbara (from San Clemente) 
“I thoroughly enjoyed the DVD.  What a fabulous painting!  And showing the whole process from Prepping the Surface to color selection and layering techniques were all helpful.  I feel inspired.” Paula S.
  "Lyndelle's Pastel Painting DVD is a fine DVD!  There are plenty of substantial tips from beginning (material, surface tips etc.) to end (artistic thinking, technique). Watching you paint not only shows me soft pastel style but also helps loosen me up, reminds me to set the whole before diving into details. In my eyes, your DVD stood strong ." Jean (from snow filled Wisconsin)   

To Purchase the DVD *email :

*Cost $25  Plus $3  Shipping and Handling in USA, Hawaii and international rates are higher