Workshops - “Take your Art to the Next Level”


Dates and Details

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I enjoyed  the variety of projects you offer in your class,  and how you encourage learning skills and inspire creativity. Youre really a good teacher . You inspire yet you focus on skills and it helps so much. I’m a  teacher and I appreciate how you helps us. I learned so much.  - Jacky 

You are one of the greatest teachers I know, giving both clear direction and freedom to explore. How you can keep track of all your students in such a personal way I cant fathom.Thank you for helping me discover who I am as an artist .

Lyndelle it is such a pleasure to paint with you. I love the variety you teach and the use of demonstrations . a big plus is you are such a nice instructor. Thank you, - Carolyn

Lyndelle is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and helpful as a teacher—Lots of insights and direct ways of working, Thank You . - J.Ragland

Great Workshop! Demo and individual instruction—finished with a critique. Lots of new info, thanks. -  P. Dunn

I want to thank you for the extra time you spent with me. I appreciate your attention and help. You manage to keep things interesting and fun while teaching us to improve our skills and to enjoy the journey.  No one could ask for more.  - Alexis  

 It is difficult to find in one person a successful artist and a talented art instructor. Lyndelle Stonick meets these dual standards, and I highly recommend her as an experienced art teacher.       - Louise 

Loved the workshop thanks for the help with the brushwork.  I personally felt like I learned a lot regarding my brush strokes and will be putting that into practice with my painting. Your work is beautiful and your teaching skills are excellent.    Thanks again, -  Pattie   

Wonderful workshop! Would recommend her to any level artist. - Sandy W

Lyndelle Stonick  has inspired me to paint again , her examples help bring out the best of your talent. The class was a real joy for me. - Linda

I have thoroughly enjoyed Lyndelle’s teachings. She has taught me not only the fundamental basics, but has exposed me to a variety of artists, styles and techniques. She has challenged us to break out of our old habits and to those of us who tend to be more rigid, to just have fun! I am anxiously looking forward to her next session.        - Brenda 


My job is to push you out of your comfort zone so you can find your comfort zone and then get yourself in “the Zone”. Therefore, I want to  ask a few questions. I will want you to send me your answers and then  we’ll go over them as a group . Please return your responses by Sunday eve. Especially to question  one and two. Earlier would be great. Dont belabor them, just come up with your most immediate responses so I have an idea how I can help.

For the first day Im asking everyone to bring one of your  problem paintings  to share with the group. We all have some so find one thats unresolved.  You will want to bring a lunch the first day . I am  planning to offer lunch day 2.  I need to know if you have any dietary concerns, allergies, etc. Id appreciate your list of “donts/cants/wonts” asap.


  1. Why did you  sign up for the workshop? What inspired you to take it? (The free lunch? getting out of the house, or always wanted an excuse to come to Oceanside ?) What is it you want most to get out of the workshop?  What are some of your areas of strength and weakness? What medium, will you be working in? What are your main subjects/themes ? (figure, landscape, still-life,abstract, not sure) 
  2. What do you see as your problem areas or blocks. List in order of significance from 1 to 3 for each line..-Technique, subject, color mixing, values, contrast, composition, don't know (Ex.s- Motivation, distraction,  space, time management, overworking, obligations, quitting not painting or )? 
  3. Where  does art fit in your life now ? List in order of 1-10 things  (10 being high priority/ 1 low) . List what the other things are.
  4. How often do you paint now? Why , Why Not? Are you okay with that ? 
  5. Have  you exhibited anywhere, won any awards or would you like to? 
  6. In regards to your art, Where do you want to see your self  1 year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now ?                                                                                                                                                    


As for materials, I have a few small table easies that we can use. I have 3 maybe 4. If you want a stand up easel we can see. i have two. My plan is to work indoors where we can control the light, outdoors is nice , so  it just depends on the sun and wind.  Just in case, bring a couple layers as it can be cooler in the am and breezy in the afternoon.  Bring a sketchbook/drawing pad 80lb at least 6x8” or 8x11”Bring 2-3  HB-2B pencils. I prefer graphite and a kneaded eraser, and regular pencil size not the fat ones. You may want to use 3 values  of light , med. to dark gray markers such as Tombow, which are good  for value studies esp. if you have a hard time with values or sketching. A gel pen or pentel black ink pen is also good for drawing and taking notes.  If you have a viewfinder or value finder bring them. If you work on paper you will want a board to mount it to. Thats possible with sketching  too so you can keep it in your lap.  You can use oils, acrylics, watercolors or pastels . However we may need to find room somewhere  if you are a pastel hog (like me) so everyone has enough space to work. With oils, the only solvent is GAMSOL or waster. Other mediums to paint with are  Oleogel or Solvent free gel by Gamblin. Ask me if you have something else. Sans odour is not ok. No liquin or smelly stuff. I will attach my generic materials list if you are confused about basics but note it is for generic painting although its pretty close to what I use most of the time as a base palette. I know some of you will be using pastels. i will use pastels and or oils most likely.  If you have more specific questions about pastels  or anything else. Just ask. Regarding pastels- I never recommend a specific set or set of colors as there are so many options and it just depends on how you use them. Important is that you have ample darks or at the very least a good black, a couple of dark greens and dark browns for landscapes. Look over your colors so that you have good range. You dont need hundreds. Half sticks are the most economical way to go money wise and space. Bring the same supplies you’d normally take to a class to paint.  I plan to select some foto references (not  Smart Phone images I prefer printed ones)  for you but would like you to bring about 5-6 of your own  references of things you’d like to paint, any subject baring portrait . We’ll be addressing composition.